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The naturopath doesn´t fight the disease but seeks to recover the balance of the body organism, without causing pain or damages. How? By eliminating harmful substances, by helping the patient to change bad habits and stimulating the immune system itself.

Naturopathic treatments treat body and mind, not only the affected organ: "There are no diseases but ill people; referring to the predisposition to suffer diseases.

Considering that we live thanks to a good harmony in our digestive, circulatory, nervous and emotional system, the naturopath is going to contribute to this balance by recommending the right nutrition (Hippocrates said "Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food").

Using the resources that nature has to offer us plants, fruits, flowers, minerals, water and clay, at Herboristería Azur, we prepare treatments that purify, stimulate, regenerate, tone and soothe the bodies of hundreds of patients.

We use several methods to evaluate the state of your health. We observe any signs or symptoms shown by the body in order to find the causes of your illness.

Thanks to Expert Vega test, we are able to study with high precision the physical, mental or energetic causes. We restore the patient's own vital strength for healing.


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